Chrissy May♥
useless shit
Gender: Female - what does it look like. lol
Age: 15
Aliases: Chris, Chrissy
Family: Lydia(sissy), Angeline(sister), Lillian(sister), Lucas(brother), Sophia(mom), Andrew(dad)
Pet(s): My pets.
stoopid stuff
Interests: Singing, dancing, acting, writing
Talent: All above ^_^
Infobox cred: The Chosen One♥
Portrayer: The Chosen One♥

♥Chrissy♥ -Child of Mr. and Mrs. Martin
-Mistreated. In this place - misunderstood. That's alright, it's all good

 No one knows what it's like to be the bad man;To be the sad man behind blue eyes

Hello. I'm Chris. A girl who loves her sister and has been proudly shipping Chailz since 2010.

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