a baboon -Child of Leila Ryan
-Student, hair-do extraordinaire

 – *le checks iTouch*

Hola. I'm Jo. :)
Joslyn "Jo" Ryan
General Information
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Brown
Birthday: 14th of July
Height: 5'5
Weight: NOYB
Address: NOYB
Occupation(s): Student at HA
Aliases: JoJo, Josie, Jos, Josly, Lyn, Slyn
Family & Friends
Family: Leila Ryan
Friends: TBA
Relationships: TBA
Enemies: TBA
Other Information
Interests: Acting, singing, YouTube, staying up late, my iTouch
Education: HA
Talent: Singing, acting
Weaknesses: bitches
Role-playing Information
First appearance: BIRTH
Last appearance: DEATH
Portrayer: Pandie
Hello. I'm Jo.


Hair Colour: Imma blondeh

Eye Colour: Brownies are nice

Trademark: My style...idk?

I usually wear pretty simple outfits, do my makeup simple... But when it comes to hair I'm super fancy. I do it all up...just for school even! Even for a lazy day at home. I'm kinda OCD-ish when it comes to my hair. Like, if I plan to do a fishtail with an ice cream clip, and add...say, a diamond clip...I'll freak. Like, it has to be perfect.


Leila RyanEdit

It's hard growing up without a dad, or siblings. But my mom helped me through all that. My mama is amazing. I love her so much. She's a Math teacher here at HA, so that's nice.


I was born in Washington DC on the 14th of July at 20 inches and 7.4 pounds. I was born at exactly 4:37am, it was Sunday on the date of my birth. Now I'm rambling and you want me to shut up. xD Okay so then I grew up in Washington DC, and my mom being the epic person she is, took me to a bunch of presidential debates and such, and they were so frickin interesting to me. I'd already created a presidential speech, and debate responses by the age of 9. I was determined I was gonna be the president. xD So by the age of 13, I had gotten all these supplies, and I had a list I'd add to everyday of reasons why I should be the president and reasons why I will be the president. That list had 364 shoulds, and 1928 wills. I still have that list. xD By now I know I won't be the president, but I still think I'd do a heck of a job as the president. xD


Eh, I'm pretty nice I guess.

Relationships With Other Students=Edit

Andre HarrisEdit

He's nice and his music is nice. xD

Beck OliverEdit

His hair is so cool.

Cat ValentineEdit

Her hair is cooler. xD

Jade WestEdit

She likes scissors too much...xD

Robbie ShapiroEdit

nerd. xD but I love him

Tori VegaEdit

She's nice. but she's a Mary Sue, and I don't like her.

Trina VegaEdit


Other PeopleEdit

I dun know no one.


  • I enjoy presidential debates.
  • I use the xD emoticon too much.