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♥Lydia Martin♥
useless shit xox
Gender: wat does it look liek i am
Age: 96 get it. lolz you get it. heheheh
Hair Color: brown liek brownies yo
Eye Color: black. liek a blackhole
Birthday: 1/1/95
Height: 5'4
Weight: idek lolz
Address: infestation av. N O L I E. i live on infestation avenue. liek ewwwieee
Occupation(s): student dunshaknaw
Aliases: lydi, lyd, ly, dia
humans omg yay
Family: Christina(sissy), Angeline(sister), Lillian(sister), Lucas(brother), Sophia(mom), Andrew(dad)
Friends: omg you think i have friends? omg who are you. how would you think that. omg
Relationships: Brian - On and off again.. :/
Pet(s): Avangeline(Angeline named her), Scout(Lucas named him), Bree(Christina named her), Mittens(I named him. :3)
Enemies: no one notices me so yah
useless shit
Interests: singang, politics(omg idek why)
Education: HA
Talent: singang, debates
Weaknesses: idek
useless stuff
First appearance: my mom's stomach
Last appearance: my dad's stomach ;)
Portrayer: some beautiful face

xoxo hai -Child of Mr. and Mrs. Martin
-lemme see you wop

 You're gonna catch a cold, from the ice inside your soul

um hello. i'm lydia. i'm really cool.


  • Hair Color: Brown
  • Eye Color: Brown
  • Trademark: my voice lolz

my looks are...idek. I just wear clothes you know? but sometimes i don't wear anything ;)


Sophia Martin

my mom's decent. i don't really liek her cause she always gets on my ass like "lydia! you need to do blah blah blah" and shit. but she's rich so i can tolerate her.

Andrew MartinEdit

my dad always calls me his "baby lollipoppy." even in front of my dates. liek wtf. although he's really rich and that's nice.

Lucas MartinEdit

lucas...huh...he's my brother. although i don't talk to him or see him cause our house is so big. lol

Angeline MartinEdit

I seriously dun know what i think about her. she's so girly and i'm like omg ewwwieee

Lillian MartinEdit

lillian is 5 and annoys the crap out of me. she screams all day long and wets the bed every night. sometimes i wake up with her in my bed and i find a pee trail and pee in my bed. like wtf. go sleep with angeline.

Christina MartinEdit

best for last. i love chris so much. omg. she's like my perfect twinnie. i luff chu chrissy. so much. omg. yay the best human i know except myself but you know i luff her so much. ok thats it. lolk


I think I'm really weird, and I usually get all jokes. I'm not serious at all. Unless it comes to politics.


I was born in Washington. I was only there for a month then we moved to Georgia. In Georgia I realized I had an older brother. Then when I turned one, out came Chrissy. Chris and I have been besties ever since. Well except when I went to preschool. Then I wouldn't play with her cause she was a baby and I was a grown up. lolk. TIME SKIP OMG YAY! So when I turned 9 my mom told me I needed to do something so my dad could be proud. so I took piano lessons. And I got really into that so I went to advanced piano. So I'm a piano genius lol. Then I started singing often while doing random things, so I took vocal lessons. And my vocal teacher said I had perfect pitch. I didn't need him to say that since I already knew I was a star. lol. Then my vocal teacher and piano teacher had me sing and play piano at a recital. I wasn't supposed to, but I stood up and had a helper play the rest of the song as I danced and sang. My mom was furious but my dad said I was an awesome dancer and I was like lol I know right?! And yeah. So then I started dancing as my fave thing. Then when I turned 13 I was all, "can I go to Hollywood Arts? They have a younger kids program!" and my mom told me to chill and then a year later I auditioned with my rendition of And I Will Always Love You see what happened. now I'm here. Tada!

Other peopleEdit

all the people at HA like me. lolk


  • i'm closer to my sister than anyone else
  • i hate one direction
  • i love to sing
  • i have perfect pitch
  • i'm a piano genius
  • i dance awesomely
  • I love ice cream.
  • my main thing that I love to do is watch glee and pll.