Mrs. Pickens' Class


Hello! I'm Mrs. Pickens. But some students that I'm close with call me by my real name, Loura. I'm an acting teacher here at Hollywood Arts.

  • You all have assigned seats, so if you see a seat with your name on it, please sit there. This will be your sat for he rest of the school year.
  • No eating. If you missed breakfast, that's your fault.
  • Take notes. Instead of submitting homework, you will sometimes have to submit notes. I like switching it up now and again.
  • No cheating. I take cheating very seriously, and it will not be tolerated.
  • Please pay attention to what I write on the board, it's very important. I usually update it everyday, with new projects, events, etc.
  • Don't be late. If you're late, then I will not let you in.


• Bailie
• Christina
• Tanner
• Summer
• Jo
• Payton
• Piper
• Marley

2nd Period

• Maeve
• Lydia
• Marley
• Tanner
• Leighton
• Jamie
• Ed

  • Improv - we always do this
  • Scenes from history - collaborating with history teacher

Thank you all for visiting my classroom. I hope you enjoyed your stay. Remember to follow the rules and we should get along just fine.