Sikowitz's Assignments

  • Assignment1: This involves three characters. One, the dog who's stuck in the tsunami with it's master. Two, the reporter who is talking about the tsunami and when it comes. And of course, the master of the dog who is also stuck in the tsunami. Here's the script:

Dog(whoever plays the dog may name it): *barks repeatedly*

Owner(whoever plays him/her may name him/her): Stop barking, (insert name of dog here). It's nothing. Just waves. Water comes rushing over them

Owner:Omigosh! *screams, trying to find his/her dog*

Reporter(whoever plays this part can name the character): And the tsunami comes in! Yikes! Hopefully all in Manhattan have fled by now. It's ter- oh no! *sees tsunami crashing on top of the building* The tsunami came to US! *screams* This was NOT planned!

Back to Owner and Dog, dog has been found

Dog: *barks into the Owner's ears*

Owner: (insert dog's name here), If we die today...I want you to know... I love you.

The Owner, Dog, and Reporter all die